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Turbo Kits, Engines and Custom Car Parts

Turblown Engineering provides custom automotive performance for street and track sports cars. We inventory Garrett turbos, turbo manifolds, intercooler piping & cores, fuel system components, EMS, suspension, and automotive accessories. Our performance services include custom engine building, engine porting, fabrication, suspension setups, engine upgrades, EMS engine management system installations and tuning.

Many of our custom race engines include 4 cylinder, V6 V8 V10, V12, inline 6 and rotary engines. We sell various aftermarket parts for almost any car application that include supercharging and turbocharging systems. We also specialize in custom fabrication that includes turbo manifolds, exhaust systems, and aluminum intercooler setups. Turblown Engineering is an authorized Garrett turbocharger dealer and use Garrett turbos on many turbocharger setups. We also tune and install aftermarket engine management systems EMS units that include Haltech, Motec, Microtech and other popular models with water / methanol injection kits.

We also specialize in track and street performance Mazda  RX-8 and RX-7 cars. Whether it be a 1st gen RX7, 2nd gen RX7, 3rd gen RX7, RX8 Renesis or  custom 13B & 20B rotary engines; Turblown Engineering is ready to build your custom supercar.

Car Parts and Products:

Car Services:

Engine Building, Fabrication, EMS Tuning & Installations, Intake, Exhaust and Intercooler installations, Fuel System Upgrades.

Our turbo kits are vastly different from our competition. We only use Garrett and Tial components, including wastegates, intercooler cores and turbos. We don't use rubber cooling lines for the turbo, we use hardlines that won't fail with high heat. We use inconel heat shields to protect the engine bay from extreme heat. We use the proper size turbo for the broadest torque curve. We design our turbo manifolds to have the gentlest of bends to provide the fastest turbo response. Our custom turbo systems are track proven.

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